Orogami – Jewelry Orvieto

Today I’d like to talk about two special people, two people who put in their creations deep feeling, profound meanings. “Our goal is to generate emotions. The emotions arise when the result resonates within us in harmony” So in short words Tiziana and Massimo Aloisio, inventors and founders of Orgami, define their philosophy. In their creations they want to … More Orogami – Jewelry Orvieto

Customized and affordable Wedding Dress – MIMASTORE

Reading a newspaper I found this interestin article aboutt low prices wedding dresses. Intrigued, immediately I went to see the website, really nice, full of interesting clothes and accessories, worthy of a famous atelier. The success of this company, based in Montecorvino Pugliano – Salerno, is that last January Mauro Senator, the creator of this site, and his wife opened a store … More Customized and affordable Wedding Dress – MIMASTORE

Interview with Gianluca Adami, photographer

Today I want to introduce a young and talented photographer who has made his passion, his sense of observation a profession: Gianluca Adami.  Gianluca is our trusted photographer because we know very well the way he “does photography”. His pictures manage to capture special moments, out of the box, making them true. When you leaf through the memories album, the … More Interview with Gianluca Adami, photographer

Boho Chic Table

Boho Chic style blends of retro and vintage elements with a Bohemian mood and some touches of  60′ 70′ hippie culture revisited in a chic and eco-friendly way. Whether it is a civil or a religious ceremony boho chic is simple and elegant without particular glitzy. The ideal location is outdoors and surrounded by nature, with few decorations. Colorful … More Boho Chic Table

Religious ceremony – San Giovenale church

The church of San Giovenale, one of the oldest cities of Orvieto, was built in 1004, probably on a existing Etruscan temple dedicated to Jupiter – on which would be built, before the present, an early Christian church dedicated to San Giovenale. The church was erected with the help of seven families among the noblest … More Religious ceremony – San Giovenale church